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secret interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

January 5 is the largest daily newspaper Bild in Germany recorded a long interview with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The interview was published this week in two issues of the newspaper. In an interview with DW chief editor Nikolaus Blome told about the differences between the Russian and the German text, the main message and the words of President Putin of Russia, who shocked journalists.
Blome said that the issues Bild remained in its original form.
"The statements of the president, as far as I know, has not been alleviated. In any case, in the process of authorization (adopted in Germany practice when the optional companion interview to the publication will be sent to it for approval. - Ed.) We did not have the impression that he something removed from his statements, "- he said.
Chief Editor noted that the text protocol, which the Russian side is published in Russian and English on its website on the Internet, much longer than the version that was published in Bild after login.
"This is due to the fact that a two-hour conversation, of course, could not fit on the four pages of the newspaper. So we edited the interview and sent for approval. Both versions - what he said, and wanted to tell the president," - he stressed.
He said not all: the media learned about silent Putin in an interview with Bild
Blome also explained different issues sounding in German in the Kremlin's version. So, there is a passage in an interview on the comparison of the Crimea and Kosovo separated from Serbia. Question Bild in German reads: "Prior to this, the Serbian central government led the war against the Kosovo Albanians, and drove thousands from their homes. This is still a difference." In the Russian version of the question is very short: "After the war?". That is the German version of this question is critical, and in Russia - no.
"I think this is due to the fact that an additional question that we asked in an interview, was briefly formulated:" Was the war in Serbia against the Kosovars? ". In the version submitted for approval, we have expanded some question to readers, it was clear what we talk about. So we have question a little longer. But, in fact, with regard to the severity of the issue, that it is a war of the central government against the minority - and that unlike the events in Crimea - I think there is no difference, "- he explained.
 Gusev explained why Putin's Kremlin has censored an interview with Bild
According to Blome, the main message of Putin in the interview is very alarming.
"I think it was important two points, that is not entirely new for connoisseurs of Putin and Russian policy. But how clearly and sharply it was told to me as a political journalist, was new. Firstly, it is a word that that "the borders European interest me less than people," that is Russian. That is, if the other side of the Russian border live Russian, for example, in the Crimea, and they do not like how they are treated the government in this case - the Ukraine, I simply climb into their country, just move the border. In fact, it fundamentally calls into question the principle that has made Europe a very peaceful continent - recognition and respect boundaries. And if they change, it is only through peaceful negotiations. After these words of Putin took my breath away, "- says chief editor.
Blome said he was very surprised that in the 21st century, such a position can be so clearly present.
"It allows a deep insight into the world of Vladimir Putin. It is not at all necessarily share his views. We said," You can not really call into question the constitutive element of this continent! "He said, I can not, for me are important people. According to him, this is - is more important. It is a look into a special world, which is very important because this person should be treated, to deal with it. We must learn to deal with Russia, a superpower or not. You need to understand how the other side think. I think that in an interview that sounded very clear. The interesting was the essence and the essence - "the border for me is not so important," - he said.
Kremlin caught revision "loud" Putin's interview with Bild
The journalist also spoke about whether it is possible to interpret these words as a threat to other States and the former Soviet republics:
"It is these very states should decide. I think that many of the countries bordering Russia, of course, long been thought that could happen to them if the living have the Russian minority in some point decides to tell us is treated badly and prompted Russian president for help? Will there with us the same thing happen in the Crimea that occurred with Ukraine? Surely, some governments in Eastern Europe have asked yourself these questions and after this interview. "
According to the chief editor Blome Putin in the interview for the first time acknowledged that the sanctions seriously hurt Russia economically:
"I think he would like an equal say with the West to be perceived as a serious player on the world stage, which it actually is. If you look at Syria, decisions without Russia will not. We can assume that it is good or bad, but without Vladimir Putin this problem, unfortunately, is not solved. I think he would be very happy to come back to the summit of the "Big Eight", but would like to be invited. "
In an interview with the Russian president said in passing that the media have not been able to create anti-Russian sentiment in Germany and the German media "controlled from the United States."
"I do not think he seriously mean it. I have a feeling that Vladimir Putin, which is probably not a pure democrat, as once said a German Chancellor - a professional politician. He knows that he must to do so once open his country way back - to the G8, in cooperation with NATO and the EU. Because I think he knows - without good relations with the West will not be able to keep his country afloat, "- concluded Blom who emphasized that he was very surprised by the high level of knowledge of the German language Putin.
As reported by the "Observer", a psychologist commented on Putin's behavior during an interview with Bild, calling it "weak and uncertain."

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День медицинского работника

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В этом я убедилась сама, попав нынче в стационар. Оперировала меня замечательный хирург М. Н. Старинская. Благодаря её золотым рукам, чуткому, внимательному отношению, я быстро встала на ноги.

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